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A significant number of automobile crashes are caused by large trucks. Accidents caused by large trucks (tractor trailers, semi-trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks) can result in some of the most debilitating injuries.

Truck drivers and trucking companies are held to certain standards for safety, and when they do not meet these standards, they place the lives of innocent motorists at risk.

If you or someone you care about has been seriously injured in a truck accident, a Trinity truck accident lawyer, such as the ones at Slater | Grant, may be able to provide you with the legal assistance and guidance you are looking for. Work with an experienced attorney and know that you are in capable hands.

Trucker Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common causes of truck accidents in the country, and truckers are often forced to forgo sleep in order to meet strict deadlines and save money. Various government agencies have attempted to combat this problem by requiring truckers to receive an adequate amount of rest each night before operating a vehicle.

Unfortunately, many truckers and trucking companies do not take these rest requirements seriously, and some companies even encourage their workers to refrain from taking breaks and getting rest.

This type of practice can be deadly and results in thousands of severe accidents each year.  A Trinity truck accident attorney can help someone evaluate whether trucker fatigue played a part in their accident, and if so, what that means for their case.

Establishing Liability in Truck Accidents

When a truck collides with a passenger vehicle, the outcome can be terrifying, and usually, the individuals in the passenger vehicle will be left with some sort of injury. After sustaining an injury, it is normal to feel angry and frustrated, and victims often wonder who they should hold liable for the accident.

Depending on the circumstances, victims, with help from a Trinity truck accident lawyer, may be able to hold the parties listed below responsible in civil court:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Owner of the truck
  • Cargo loading company
  • Truck inspector
  • Truck manufacturer

Cargo loading companies have an obligation to ensure the cargo of a truck is safely secured and does not pose a risk to the driver or other motorists. Automobile manufacturers also have an obligation to ensure their trucks are safe to operate and free from any dangerous mechanical problems.

How Dangerous Cargo Can Put Drivers At Risk

Unlike motor vehicles, large trucks often carry dangerous cargo that can cause death and destruction if it is released during a crash. Flammable and hazardous substances can be particularly dangerous, and if they are released into the environment, everyone in the area will be at risk.

Non-flammable materials such as iron, lumber, and concrete can also pose a risk to drivers, and if they collide with a car at a high speed, the individuals inside the car will certainly sustain extensive injuries.

If cargo is not safely secured or properly loaded, the poor distribution of weight can cause the truck to lose balance and crash easily, especially if the truck comes to a sudden stop. For these reasons, trucking companies should ensure their drivers have experience transporting hazardous material or heavy cargo.

Consult One of Slater | Grant’s Trinity Truck Accident Attorneys

Filing a claim against a large trucking company can be frightening, but if you do not take legal action, you will be stuck paying for your own injuries. If you are ready to learn more about your rights, the compensation you can recover, and what the legal process involves, you should seek the aid of a Trinity truck accident lawyer from Slater | Grant.

Slater | Grant represents individuals and families in Trinity and the greater Tampa Bay area who have suffered serious injuries, death, or financial loss as a result of another’s negligence or improper conduct, including in truck accident cases.

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