Tampa Side Impact Truck Collision Lawyers

A side-impact collision is what we commonly known as a T-bone accident, so it is one car hitting another car in the side door in such a way that the front of one car hits the side door of another and forms a shape that looks like a T. Side impact collisions can result in serious injuries and great property damage to a vehicle. If you have been injured in a t-bone accident, you should reach out to a Tampa side impact truck collision lawyer. The skilled truck accident attorneys at Slater | Grant could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Common Fact Patterns in Side Impact Collisions

Some common situations in which trucks would be involved in side-impact collisions are intersections with four stop lights and a truck turning left and taking up a large amount of space. Other vehicles will sometimes run into the side of trucks for a side-impact collision in those circumstances. Additionally, trucks turning left that are entering an intersection to turn left and fail to see another vehicle might hit the vehicle from the side in the middle of the intersection.

Other common situations are when there is confusion between a truck and another vehicle about who has the right of way when both vehicles are entering a highway. Another is when a car or a truck in a left turn lane and a car or a truck on the left side both try to make a left turn onto the road and there is confusion about right of way, resulting in side-impact collisions. There are any number of situations in which T-bone or side-impact collisions can occur, but those are some of the common ones.

Common Side Effects of Side-Impact Collisions

The effects are typically substantial damage to the side of the vehicle being hit and the front of the vehicle that hit the vehicle in the side. It usually involves a crushed front end or bumper of the vehicle striking the other and the vehicle having hit, crushed, dented, or crumpled side doors. Airbags usually will deploy and the injuries can vary. They often will result from the airbag deploying, from being jerked and thrown to the side, and running into or bumping into the windshield or steering wheel. This can result in broken bones, broken vertebrae, strained or sprained muscles, brain injuries, etc.

Steps a Person Should Take Following a Truck Crash

The initial steps to take when involved in a side-impact collision are to first assess the situation and make sure that the driver as well as the passengers are safe and assess whether they are injured or not or if anyone needs immediate medical care. If so, an individual should exit the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible and dial 911. Beyond that, the person should assess the situation with the other driver, with the vehicles, and see if there is anyone else who needs immediate help. Beyond that, a person should contact the police, exchange insurance information with the other drivers, call their insurance company, and take photographs at the scene of the cars involved to document what happened. Following all of that, it is important for the person to speak with a skilled Tampa side impact truck collision lawyer who could begin building their case.

Recoverable Damages Following an Accident

Damages that can be recovered include damages for pain and suffering and other emotional harm and damage suffered from the accident, lost wages from missing work and from the loss of future employment, and lost earning capacity to the extent the person cannot obtain future employment or pursue a career that was anticipated or expected. A Tampa side impact truck collision lawyer could help an individual recover financial loss associated with medical bills, medical expenses, and other expenses associated with treating and helping with the physical and emotional injuries involved. Depending on the conduct of the driver involved, if there was alcohol or some other egregious conduct, punitive damages can be recovered.

Value of a Tampa Side Impact Truck Crash Attorney

A Tampa side impact truck collision lawyer could help the victim of a t-bone accident by guiding the person through the negotiation process with the insurance company for the other driver, collecting medical records, assessing and evaluating the damages involved in the case and the liability or fault of the drivers involved, and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the case. If a reasonable settlement is not offered by the insurance company, the attorney can help with preparing and filing a lawsuit, handling the lawsuit, taking discovery, preparing the case for trial, and ultimately trying the case on behalf of the injured person in an attempt to seek the maximum amount of recovery allowable by law for that person. Individuals should reach out to the capable attorneys at Slater | Grant, and know that they are in good hands.

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