Tampa Intoxicated Truck Driving Accident Lawyers

Intoxicated drivers frequently cause accidents in this area. Unfortunately, truck drivers drive their trucks after stopping at bars or restaurants to take breaks, eat meals, and consume alcohol or other substances. They get back in their trucks before they have completely sobered up from consuming those substances and that often leads to serious accidents. The results of these accidents can have life-changing consequences for some. That is why, if you have been injured in an accident due to an intoxicated truck driver, you should consult a Tampa intoxicated truck driving accident lawyer. An accomplished truck accident attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Common Substances in Intoxicated Truck Driver Crashes

As a Tampa intoxicated truck driving accident lawyer could explain, alcohol is probably the most commonly used substance in intoxicated truck driver accidents, but other substances are frequently seen in trucking accidents involving intoxication. Recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and the like can be frequently seen in accidents caused by intoxicated truck drivers.

However, a recent and increasingly common trend in intoxicated truck driver accidents is that truck drivers become intoxicated by taking uppers which are substances intended to keep drivers awake and alert, rather than alcohol or depressant drugs. Those substances can sometimes be safe and reasonable to take in small and measured doses. However, when truck drivers take them excessively or take non-regulated forms of those substances that are too high or improperly measured doses, they become impaired and that can lead to significant accidents causing severe injuries. A Tampa intoxicated truck driving accident lawyer could help an individual recover damages for those injuries.

Why Do Truck Drivers Turn to Alcohol and Drugs?

Alcohol is advertised and marketed to the public on a regular, frequent basis. Truck drivers are exposed to the advertising more often because they are on the road listening to the radio and seeing billboard ads while they are doing their job. Rest areas on the highways often have advertisements for beer and alcohol. Being exposed to that influence and encouragement by advertisements on a constant basis can lead truck drivers into consuming alcohol at a greater rate than the average person.

Stimulants and uppers are designed to keep the truck drivers awake. They are an obvious temptation for truck drivers because of the nature of their job and the propensity to become tired when driving over long distances. Truck drivers are often in situations where they are driving late at night or are driving for a long time and become tired. Because they need to stay awake and alert, the temptation is great to consume those drugs and substances.

How the Location of a DUI Can Impact a Driver’s CDL Status

The location in which a DUI is issued can affect the status of the driver’s license in that if the DUI is issued in Florida, that could have a more significant impact on the driver’s license if they are a Florida truck driver. Generally, a DUI issued in Florida, outside of Florida, or in Tampa is likely going to have the same effect.

The impact of a DUI depends on the laws, rules, and regulations of each particular state but, in general, a DUI in Tampa or another city in Florida will negatively impact the commercial driver’s license of a trucker that is based out-of-state. Many states treat the DUI out-of-state with the same impact as if it were in-state.

Furthermore, a DUI is basically fatal to a truck driver’s future employment. There are trucking companies who will fire or refuse to hire a driver simply for getting in an accident, whether they were intoxicated or not. So, if a truck driver is found to have been driving under the influence, it is a certainty that driver will get fired and the likelihood of them being hired by another trucking company is very small.

How a DUI Impacts a Truck Driver’s Standard DUI

Typically, the individual’s license will be affected in the same way as if the truck driver had received the DUI as an individual not driving a truck. In other words, if a truck driver gets a DUI while operating in a commercial capacity, that is going to affect the truck driver’s driving status as an individual as well.

The penalties for truck accident DUIs and standard driver DUIs can vary depending on the state and jurisdiction. However, when the driver is driving in a commercial status, such as a truck driver, they will have more severe penalties than if the driver were driving in an individual capacity.

Importance of Tampa Intoxicated Truck Driving Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a DUI or a DUI drug accident because of an intoxicated truck driver, speak with a Tampa intoxicated truck driving accident lawyer. A qualified truck attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to build a solid personal injury claim for you. Speak with one of the experienced truck accident attorneys at Slater | Grant today, and know that you are in capable hands.

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