Tampa Dump Truck Accident Lawyers

The most common types of dump truck accidents are likely accidents that occur on construction sites where dump trucks are being used. They either run into people or objects or dump material without looking to see if anyone or anything is in the way. There is a lot of construction in Tampa because of all the new development and growth that is occurring in this area, so dump trucks are most frequently seen at these construction sites that are spread throughout the area. Dump truck accidents at construction sites are frequently caused by the operator not looking before dumping material and injuring persons or property nearby. They are also caused when driving on roads to and from construction sites due to the size and width of the dump trucks and the difficulty in driving them in a reasonably safe way. In the event that a dump truck accident occurs, an individual should reach out to a Tampa dump truck accident lawyer. One of the qualified truck crash attorneys at Slater | Grant could help individuals pursue a positive outcome in their case.

Dump Truck Crash Injuries

Severe physical injuries can result in dump truck accidents, such as lacerations, broken bones, sprains and strains to muscles and soft tissue, disfigurement, dismemberment, brain injuries, etc. Also, injuries that can be suffered include emotional and psychological injuries from the trauma of the event and from the pain and suffering at the time of the accident and in the recovery. Finally, injuries can include financial loss in the form of lost wages at work, medical bills, property damage, property replacement, etc.

How Does a Case Change Based on the Substance in the Truck?

Dump truck accidents can vary in their severity and nature, depending on the substance being carried by the dump truck. If the substance is either light or non-toxic or of the type that would not result in any catastrophic injuries, then that can affect the amount and nature of the injury claim. On the other hand, if a dump truck is carrying toxic, heavy, or otherwise dangerous substances, the nature of the injuries and the case can be increased substantially depending on how much that substance played a part in the accident and the effects of the accident. If the substance were to spill out, fall onto the vehicles involved, or otherwise be spread about in the area of the accident, that can greatly change the nature of the claim and injuries.

Insurance adjusters for truck companies would have to account for what role the truck driver had in the accident, what the truck driver was doing at the time of the accident, where the truck was going, whether other vehicles were involved, whether other vehicles or persons contributed to causing the accident, the type of cargo or substance being carried by the dump truck, the nature of the injuries involved resulting from the accident, and what other insurance carriers might be involved depending on the other vehicles that were involved in the accident.

Seeking Damages in Dump Truck Accident Cases

Injured victims in dump truck accidents typically seek damages for pain and suffering and other emotional and psychological damages, lost wages, other financial loss resulting from medical bills, medical expenses, property damage, and other damages and injuries associated with the physical and emotional harm suffered, as well as the financial effects of being injured and unable to work and live life as they used to. If an individual has been involved in a serious dump truck accident, they should consult a Tampa dump truck accident lawyer that could help them recover the damages that they deserve.

Working With One of the Tampa Dump Truck Accident Attorneys at Slater | Grant

Dump truck accidents can have near-fatal consequences for individuals which is why it is important to contact an attorney following an accident. If someone has been injured in a dump truck accident, they should consult a Tampa dump truck accident lawyer. One of the skilled attorneys at Slater | Grant could devote the time and resources necessary to build a person’s truck accident claim. A qualified lawyer could pursue the best possible outcome in a person’s case.

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