Tampa Blind Spot Accident Lawyers

Blind spot accidents involving trucks are more common than people might realize. They usually occur because trucks are usually very long vehicles and are usually positioned higher up than other vehicles. Trucks often visually obstruct regular vehicles and those are the primary reasons why trucks have larger blind spots and are more prone to being in blind spot accidents. If you have been injured in a blind spot accident involving a truck, consult a Tampa blind spot accident lawyer. A skilled truck accident attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to pursue compensation.

Common Fact Patterns in Blind Spot Accidents

Most blind spot accidents involving commercial trucks tend to occur on major highways or interstate highways. In Tampa, that would be Interstate 75. There are a variety of ways that trucks can be involved in blind spot accidents. Some of the more frequent situations involve other drivers being next to the truck because of the length and height at which the truck driver is sitting.

The driver’s blind spot next to the truck is large, and so drivers driving next to a commercial truck are susceptible to blind spot accidents. Another circumstance is when another driver is driving behind a truck and following too closely in the space in which the truck driver cannot see them. Trucks often only have their side mirrors to rely upon, and therefore if a car driver is too close to the back of a truck, that can put that other driver in the truck driver’s blind spot and lead to an accident.

Effects of Blind Spot Accidents

The effects of blind spot accidents are the effects that are typically involved in commercial truck accidents, which are property damage to the vehicles involved, personal and physical injuries to the drivers and passengers of the vehicles involved, damage to roads and infrastructure that are at or near the scene of the collision, and psychological and emotional damages to the individuals who are involved in the accident. A Tampa blind spot accident lawyer could help an individual pursue compensation for the injuries and property damage sustained in the accident.

Negligence in Blind Spot Accidents

Depending on whether or not the truck driver was driving negligently at the time of the accident, the driver of the car that is in the truck’s blind spot can have 100% of the negligence attributed to them. If the truck driver is driving safely at or under the speed limit and is making a standard or accepted driving maneuver when the accident occurs, and if the other vehicle was driving too closely to the truck or otherwise driving irresponsibly in the truck’s blind spot, then the other driver can have a substantial amount of negligence attributed to him or her.

If the driver of the car is found to have been the only or sole cause of the accident, they are entitled to no damages. If the driver of the car is found to have been a partial cause of the accident and the truck driver is found to be also partially the cause of the accident, then the driver of the car can be entitled to some damages reduced by the proportion of fault that is attributed to them.

Value of a Tampa Blind Spot Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a blind spot tractor-trailer collision, consult a Tampa blind spot accident lawyer that could help. An experienced legal advocate could examine the facts of your case in order to assess and establish the liability of the truck driver. One of the accomplished truck accident attorneys at Slater | Grant could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

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