Injuries After a Tampa Truck Accident

Truck accidents can result in serious property damage and near-fatal injuries, depending on the circumstances of the specific accident. That is why it is important for individuals who have been injured in car accidents to seek legal counsel following their accident. A skilled lawyer could help a person recover damages for their injuries and hold the at-fault party liable. If you have sustained injuries after a Tampa truck accident, let the experienced truck accident attorneys at Slater | Grant advocate for you.

Common Injuries Resulting from Truck Accidents

Common injuries after a Tampa truck accident that result from trucking accidents include back and neck fractures or injuries, head injuries, brain injuries, hand and arm injuries, broken bones, muscle strains or sprains, and ligament tears. Since trucking accidents involve very large and heavy automobiles, the damages tend to be much more severe than the ordinary car accident. They can be the same type of injury as in an ordinary car accident, but they tend to be much more severe in degree because of the size and weight of the other vehicle involved. Unfortunately, death can result from accidents on the road and when trucks are involved they tend to be even more common than in an ordinary car accident.

Immediate and Long-Term Effects of injuries

The immediate effects of the injuries that are typically incurred in a trucking accident are the need to get immediate medical care and treatment, which can often be painful or a great inconvenience because of missed time at work and the disruption to the person’s daily life.

The long-term effects of injuries after a Tampa truck accident can include the need to obtain ongoing and seemingly never-ending medical treatment for injuries, the incurring of the cost and expenses associated with that medical care, time off from work or changed responsibilities at work because of the injuries involved, pain, suffering, memory loss, anxiety and depression when thinking back to the accident and the effects that it had on the victim both physically and emotionally.

Other effects include emotional distress, changes relationships, changes in physical fitness and appearance due to the lack of ability to be as active as the person was before the accident. There are any number of long-term effects of injuries, and that is why the law recognizes that those who negligently cause these accidents should be held responsible, financially, for the losses that the victim has to go through.

Damages Following Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Auto insurance typically covers property damage and bodily injury, so it typically covers all of the damages and injuries, both economic and non-economic damages. The economic damages would include any property damage as well as other financial loss. Non-economic damages would include physical and emotional harm resulting from the accident. The victim’s auto insurance, however, is going to be looking to the negligent driver or the negligent driver’s insurance company to be paying these damages. The negligent driver in a trucking accident, his or her company, or the company’s insurance company would be responsible for paying property damages.

Property damage is merely a form of economic damage and is a recognized loss under the law as something that the negligent party or its insurance company is responsible for paying.  Sometimes, although it is less frequent or common in a trucking accident, there can be a truck driver who is under-insured, in which case the victim’s own auto insurance company would need to pay these damages because the negligent driver does not have any or sufficient insurance to cover it. If someone has sustained injuries after a Tampa truck accident and wishes to pursue damages, they should consult one of the qualified truck accident attorneys at Slater | Grant.