Common Causes of Tampa Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be very dangerous and can have near-fatal consequences for everyone involved. Common truck accident injuries include back or spine sprains or fractures, neck sprain or fractures, head and brain injuries, hand and arm injuries, etc. There are a number of ways one can get injured in a trucking accident because the impact is typically very significant, but those are some of the more common injuries involved.

Following an accident, you may wish to pursue legal action for your injuries. When beginning a truck accident claim, it is important to identify the cause of the accident, in order to determine whether the truck driver acted negligently or not. One of the skilled truck accident attorneys at Slater | Grant can help you determine whether any of these common causes of Tampa truck accidents could impact your case. Speak with a lawyer today and know that you are in capable hands.

Driver Fatigue

One of the most common causes of Tampa truck accidents is driver fatigue. A truck driver may be overtired, sleepy, might be taking medications, or could have some other medical condition that is causing him or her to be tired and to drive the vehicle negligently or recklessly because he or she is not able to stay awake and properly control the truck.

With respect to driver fatigue, this cause impacts the case because there are regulations governing truck drivers in terms of how many hours they can be driving consecutively, how much time off they need before they go on a shift, and so on. When driver fatigue is a cause of the accident, it affects what laws and factors are considered when deciding whether a truck driver was negligent and whether the trucking company was negligent for allowing the driver to get behind the wheel if he or she has not had the requisite amount of rest and time off.


One of the other common causes of Tampa truck accidents is speeding. Most truck accidents involve commercial trucks, so truck drivers are driving the truck for business purposes as part of their job. When someone is running late to a delivery or trying to make it to their destination at a certain time, they often find themselves speeding in order to make that appointment or that delivery time, and that can result in a truck accident. Another common cause is distracted driving and this applies to truck drivers just as much as it does to anyone else.

In today’s world, cell phones, technology, et cetera are causing all drivers, including truck drivers, to be distracted more than ever. That is leading to truck accidents as well and, of course, when it is a truck involved, the injuries are going to be even more severe because of the size and weight of the vehicle. Distracted driving has even more of a consequence when it involves trucks.

With respect to speeding, that can impact the case because there are laws governing speed and how fast one can drive. If the truck was exceeding the speed limit, that in itself can be enough to establish the negligence of the truck driver. It also affects the case in terms of the severity of the injuries involved because the faster the truck is going, generally, the more severe the injuries are. There are also laws that address distracted driving, including cell phone usage by drivers, and so those laws and regulations can come into play when assessing whether the truck driver was negligent or not and how clear the negligence is and how easy or hard it will be to prove.

Distracted driving accidents also tend to be very severe because when they happen, the driver is not even looking where he or she is going and that can result in, for example, a severe rear-end impact which, when involving a truck, can involve very serious injuries.

Seeking the Guidance of Tampa Truck Accident Attorneys at Slater | Grant

Truck accident claims are handled in Tampa the same way they are anywhere in Florida or in the Tampa Bay area, although for someone injured in a truck accident in Tampa, it is important that you make sure that you engage with lawyers who are familiar with the court system in Pasco County and the judges in Pasco County. This will be important, should their case go to a lawsuit or trial, and because Pasco County has a different jury pool makeup than other surrounding counties. The knowledgeable truck accident attorneys at Slater | Grant could use their knowledge of common causes of Tampa truck accident to bolster your truck accident claim.