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Standing up to insurance companies can be an intimidating and daunting task. Still, an individual knows they deserve a fair settlement, and that they should not settle for the small sums offered by many insurance companies. In some cases, an individual’s claim may be denied altogether.

And while there are certain circumstances where you may not need to hire an injury lawyer to help you with your dispute with an insurance company, the reality is, the vast majority of times you will.

If you are in doubt, call Tampa insurance disputes lawyers today, to assist you with assertive and determined efforts to bring you justice and the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Company Tactics

Many individuals work very hard to provide for their family. In addition, many people have taken action to protect their assets and future, including purchasing insurance policies for protection in the event of a disaster or accident.

Someone who has faithfully paid their insurance premiums rightfully expects the insurance companies to live up to their obligations and treat them with fairness and decency. Unfortunately, more often than not, insurance companies try and take advantage of individuals instead of treating them with respect.

An insurance company implores many different tactics to “beat you down” into accepting a low offer before individuals contact an attorney. From offering them a low offer, to refusing to compensate them for time missed at work to denying their claim completely, to ignoring them all together, there is nothing an insurance company will not try if they believe it will save them a buck.

That is why individuals need experienced Tampa insurance dispute lawyers on their side.

Types of Insurance Disputes

Regardless of the types of insurance policies and products that are sold, there is a potential future dispute ahead. Listed below is a brief description of situations that might bring about insurance disputes:

  • Hurricane damage. Force winds from a hurricane can reach 140 miles per hour, which can rip through rooftops and cause trees to topple.
  • Auto insurance. All motorists in Florida are required to have certain types of automobile insurance. Florida is considered a “no-fault” state, meaning that after an accident, a person’s own insurance company may be initially responsible for some of the damage caused.
  • Roof damage. Fallen trees, hail, and heavy storms can cause sizable damage to one’s roof.
  • Car theft. Should someone’s car be stolen, it can turn their life upside down. They will need to be compensated by the insurance company properly so that another vehicle can be obtained.
  • Fire damage. Whether in a house or a commercial property, fires can ravage a structure, causing serious damage. Fire may result in substantial repair expenses or complete loss of property.
  • Water damage. Excessive water can destroy property, causing significant, expensive damage to homes and businesses, including structural damage.

Talk to a Tampa Insurance Disputes Attorney Today

There are many prudent reasons to buy insurance. In a case of a crisis, we expect that the insurance company we have paid premiums to will come through in our time of need, pay for the damage under the policy and treat us with respect and fairness. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always respond as they should.

If you are having an insurance dispute, contact a Tampa insurance disputes lawyer who will fight assertively for your rights, and seek to obtain the compensation and justice that you deserve.

The experienced Tampa insurance disputes lawyers at Slater Grant are ready to fight for your interests.

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