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Construction accident attorneys in TampaConstruction sites can be chaotic. There are always different people with different companies coming and going at rapid pace. Because of this, it is often difficult to tell who is responsible for making sure required safety regulations, protocols, and procedures on a particular job site are being followed.

Generally speaking, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) enforces safety regulations that help keep construction workplaces safe. A skilled Tampa construction site injury lawyer has the ability to review the facts of your case, guide you through the complex legal process, and assertively seek justice and compensation that you deserve.

Experienced Tampa accident lawyers are here to serve you and zealously represent your interests.

Construction Sites

All of us need to be able to trust that when we go to work every day, that we are free from harm, and that our workplace is safe. While most of the time OSHA regulations are followed, when they are not, the consequences can be severe. According to OSHA, approximately 12 workers in the United States die from an injury sustained at a construction site every single day.

And even if the injuries do not result in death, they could nonetheless be debilitating, including requiring that the employee receive rehabilitation and long-term care. You should know that you have the right to recover for your injuries.

Common Construction Site Injuries

Certain jobs are more dangerous than others. Construction jobs fall into the more dangerous category. OSHA has indicated that about 20 percent of all job fatalities are construction employees. Moreover, OSHA notes that every year approximately four out of every 100 construction employees experience some type of work-related injury, some of which may warrant contact with a Tampa construction site accident attorney.

On any construction site there might be heavy machinery, unstable structures and ground, dangers associated with serious heights, and building materials. Within these dangerous environments, accidents do occur regularly, unfortunately. Set forth below are common injuries that occur on the construction job site:

  • Struck by an object. Typically, construction workers are at a variety of height levels, and gravity being what it is, items drop. It is not uncommon for employees at lower heights to be struck by very heavy items.
  • As construction progresses, electrical systems may be exposed in a dangerous state at any given time. Ungrounded wires, exposed wiring, and other circumstances may result in a harmful electrocution.
  • There are usually construction workers on roofs, scaffolding, and ladders, in high windows, in addition to other major heights. The most common construction site fatalities are caused by falls.
  • Caught between materials. In certain circumstances, a worker can become pinched between a heavy object and a structure, which can cause severe injury and even death.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. It is often that construction sites serve to repair roads and highways. As construction workers do their job cars drive past, and too often workers are hit by passing vehicles.
  • Heavy machinery accidents. There are typically a fair bit of tools and heavy machinery in operation at construction sites, such as nail guns, jackhammers, bulldozers, and other machines that can cause severe injuries should an accident occur.
  • Slip and falls. The very nature of construction sites poses plenty of opportunity for a slip and fall accident.
  • When construction companies overexpose workers to heat and humidity, overexertion may result, causing such things as heatstroke.
  • There are numerous other types of causes for construction site accidents.

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As previously stated, construction site accidents are common, and they can be devastating, and even lethal. Experienced construction site lawyers can assist you to take appropriate legal action which serves your best interests.

Should you or a loved one become injured while at a construction site, seek experienced legal guidance at once. Contact Tampa construction site injuries lawyers today.

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