Tampa Teen Driver Accident Lawyers

As a parent, it can exciting and simultaneously a little nerve wracking, watching your child grow up. Driving is one of those activities that marks the passage from childhood into adulthood. That being said, your teen is still young and may not have the experience and knowledge that comes with driving for a long time. This inexperience may lead to your child being involved in a car accident.

While it makes sense to panic, it also important to take steps to protect your teen. After ensuring that they are safe, seeking medical treatment if necessary, and documenting any injuries and/or damage to the car, it is vital that you contact a compassionate and capable car accident lawyer. A Tampa teen driver accident lawyer can advocate for your child, and work towards a positive outcome for you.

Laws for Teen Drivers

The regulations in Westley Chapel are the same as in the State of Florida. Anyone can start driving at 16 once they pass the necessary state test and other regulations. If they are driving with their family or a person who is of age, then they can drive at 15 with a learner’s permit.

A person must be 15 and must pass the necessary test to obtain a learner’s permit. Some exceptions could include driving on a farm and operating certain equipment or machinery on the roadways, like tractors. A person does not have to be 15 to operate a tractor on the roadway and there are some other emergency-type situations that apply.

Length of Time That a Teen Must Have a Permit For

Generally, someone has a learner’s permit for about a year and there are various things that they have to do. They have to take a test to make sure their eyesight is correct. They have to take a driving test as well as a written test. Then, they are going to do a background check. There are all sorts of requirements in order for someone to get their driver’s license. Once someone passes the test, if they are 16, they get their driver’s license and are granted full driving privileges that same day. So, there is no prerequisite in taking driving education or anything of that nature.

Car Accident Cases Involving Those Under 18

The way that car accident cases play out for minors just depends on the facts. If someone is under 18, a lot of times the focus is going to be on the inexperience of the driver and what they did and did not do, or what they should or should not have done. It is always emotionally difficult because the accident itself and the legal proceedings involve someone that is so young. A lot of this just depends on the facts, but the biggest underlying difference would be the nature of the inexperience or experience of the driver. A Tampa teen driver accident lawyer can attempt to ensure that the injured minor is treated fairly by the courts and that their rights are protected.

Qualities to Look For in an Attorney

First and foremost, it is important to look for someone that you and your teenager feel comfortable talking to and, get along with. You also want to make sure that you work with a lawyer that is willing to take your teen’s case all the way to trial if they need to. Work with a lawyer that is experienced, someone who can be direct and can tell you what the benefits and limitations of pursuing certain legal options. If your teen has been involved in a serious accident, consult a Tampa teen driver accident lawyer that can guide you to the best settlement.

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