Tampa Car Accident Settlements

The available options for a car accident settlement in Tampa depend on what stage the case is in. A person can settle a car accident case at any time. That decision on whether to settle depends on the number of damages and the reasonableness of the insurance company’s offer.

When determining when to settle, you should get in contact with an experienced attorney. A Tampa lawyer may be able to help you decide whether or not to settle or got to trial.

Motivation to Settle

The individual who filed the case has the authority in whether to accept a settlement offer. The question on whether to settle greatly depends on the amount offered compared to the estimated injuries and damages, both past and future. For example, the person suffered a soft tissue injury and the insurance company offers an amount of money that is reasonable under the circumstances. It may not be wise to go all the way to trial if the amount offered to the injured person is in the same range as their damages.

Many times, when the insurance company offers little or no money, the person is forced to go to trial to get the compensation they deserve. The person’s lawyer may put together a Tampa car accident settlement package they believe accurately reflects the damage range or worth of the case. If the insurance company gets within that range or close to it, it makes more sense to settle than to continue to spend the time and expense of going to trial.

Someone might want to settle rather than go to trial when the cost of going to trial outweighs the current benefit or current offer. Another reason is when medical professionals are not willing to provide an opinion that the accident falls within a reasonable degree and medical probability for the damages or injury, in other words, if the treating physicians are unwilling to agree that the accident caused the complained of injuries.

Reasons to Go to Trial

The primary reason a person might refuse to take a settlement offer in Tampa is when the insurance company offers an extraordinarily low amount or an amount that is completely unreasonable. A second reason is when someone is catastrophically hurt and the amount of the insurance is low. There may be a potential bad faith claim because the insurance company initially did not make an offer when they should have.

Benefit of a Tampa Car Accident Attorney

At the initial consultation when considering a Tampa car accident settlement, the lawyer will want to see a person’s medical records, out of pocket expenses such as medical or prescription bills, and anything else they had to purchase because of the accident. It is helpful if the person has photographs of the damage to their car and the other person’s car along with photographs of the roadway and the scene of the accident. If available, witness statements and the police report should also be brought to the initial consultation with the lawyer.

A Tampa car accident attorney can help an injured person by helping them through the process, being on their side, documenting the evidence and medical injuries, negotiating with the insurance company, and advising the person about the true value of their claim.

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