Tampa Rollover Accident Lawyers

In Tampa, a rollover accident occurs when a vehicle, for whatever reason, engages in a continuous rolling over motion, like rolling down a hill. If you have been injured in a collision where one or more vehicles have flipped, contact a Tampa rollover accident lawyer. Experienced car accident attorneys can help you seek damages for the injuries you have suffered.

Fact Patterns Surrounding Rollover Accident Scenarios

One of the most common fact patterns that in any vehicle rollover accident deals with a failure of a product. Most of these are tire blowout cases. Someone will be traveling on the interstate at a high rate of speed and his or her tire will blow, causing the vehicle to roll over and the driver to lose control.

Generally, rollover accidents occur at a high velocity of speed when someone is traveling, which means the injuries and damages can be more severe than in typical accidents.

Difference to Other Collisions

All accidents are unique in their own right, but a rollover accident tends to be more catastrophic because there is generally a higher rate of speed. Rollover accidents typically have an unexpected product failure, such as a tire blowing out, which causes the person to lose control of the vehicle. This causes the weight to shift and the vehicle to roll at a high rate of speed.

With that, the vehicle is hitting concrete medians that may be dividing the interstate, it is hitting other vehicles as it rolls, and it is just a lot of metal, a lot of speed, and a lot of forces involved with the rollover accident which a lot of routine fender-benders and/or rear-end accidents may not include. 

Documenting Accidents

Generally, when someone is involved in a rollover accident, he or she is not going to be able to document anything due to significant injury. One thing Tampa rollover accident lawyers recommend is documenting the preventative aspect of the crash. People should make sure that, if they check their tires every month, they document it on a sheet. It does not take long to document these.

How Should Drivers Try Preventing Rollovers?

A Tampa rollover accident lawyer would suggest that drivers make sure they have a mechanic that has the records on file or can keep a copy of the records so they can show the maintenance of their vehicle. One of the first things that a defendant manufacturer or retailer is going to do is blame the person because he or she did not maintain the tire, and claim that negligence was the reason it blew up or exploded.

It is important to be proactive in showing he or she did everything possible to maintain the tire. If a person is not significantly injured, he or she should take pictures of the tires that exploded or of the other products that failed. He or she will want to take pictures of the scene.

He or she will want to take pictures of the other vehicles involved, if any, and of the roadway. He or she will want to call his or her insurance company and talk to witnesses, if there were any. The person will want to get a survey of the scene and should call an attorney as quickly as possible so he or she can take those next investigative steps.

Help from an Attorney

Tampa rollover accident lawyers understand the process, and they understand that the insurance company is already on the scene investigating, gathering evidence, taking photographs, talking to witnesses, and doing all the things that they need to do in order to preserve their claim and get as much of a head start as the insurance companies.

Attorneys at Slater | Grant in Tampa understand that has experience on the defense and also on the plaintiff’s side. They know what they are doing, what to look for, what to take photographs of, who to talk to, and what to do in order to take the case from start to finish. If someone does not contact attorneys right away, he or she may be losing not only precious time but precious evidence as well. 

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