Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Tampa

If you have questions regarding mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Tampa, reach out to a professional collision attorney who can help guide you through the proper steps to take following the wreck so you can still be eligible to receive any compensation you may be entitled to. Read on to learn more about mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Tampa, as well as the ways a skilled lawyer could make a difference in your case.

Admitting Fault at the Scene

An individual should never admit fault at the scene of an accident because they may not be trained to know whether they were legally at fault or not. Because they may be disoriented after receiving a serious injury and do not possess the full picture right after the accident occurred, there could be other important things that happened that they are unaware of to indicate their innocence.

Admitting fault hurts someone’s case because if a police officer records their statements, that representation can be used against them throughout the case and in front of a jury. Know that this could have the potential to derail their chances of receiving compensation for their injuries in the future. In addition, an individual should never apologize because an apology can be used an admission of fault and taken the same way as a recorded statement. If someone apologizes for something, it is assumed that they were at fault or that they caused whatever they are apologizing for. An individual does not want to apologize because it could be used as a representation that they were at fault for the accident.

Speaking to an Insurance Company

Oftentimes, the insurance company of the driver at fault will automatically call the injured individual involved in the accident in the hopes that they will speak with them and give them recorded statements regarding the case. The insurance company can obtain information from the police report to contact the plaintiff. Unfortunately, the injured individual will speak to the other driver’s insurance company because they are uninformed or misinformed. They do not realize that it is well within their rights to refrain from communicating to the other party until they have an experienced lawyer knowledgeable about mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Tampa on their side.

Accepting a Settlement Offer Without an Attorney

When the insurance company of the driver at-fault knows that injured party is not being represented by an attorney, they may offer them a small amount of money as a settlement. If any potential future damage is not investigated, or the individual’s body has not manifested the injury yet, they are precluded from suing that insurance company for any future amount if they accept the insurance company’s offer and cash their check. Too often, the check the insurance company gives the individual will not be enough to adequately cover their medical bills. By cashing that check, the plaintiff removes any opportunity for full compensation or being able to file a lawsuit in the future.

How an Experienced Injury Lawyer Can Help

The longer someone waits to contact an attorney, the more time that lawyer is unavailable to investigate and put the plaintiff on an even playing field with the insurance company of the party at fault. The insurance company can hire professionals to go out to the scene, interview witnesses, take photographs, and analyze damage right after an accident takes place. They will carry out these actions in order to build a case against a plaintiff. If someone waits for an extended period of time to hire an attorney, it can result in evidence being lost, memories fading, and pictures not being taken. This puts the injured individual at a disadvantage as far as gathering and preserving evidence and investigating the claim, especially when there is a contested liability claim.

A lawyer knowledgeable about mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Tampa can start negotiations with the insurance company on behalf of the plaintiff. They can send an investigator to examine the scene and document the damage to the cars. The investigator can interview witnesses and take photographs of the vehicle to serve as evidence. A qualified injury attorney can also gather documents and other forms of evidence to put together a demand package to evaluate the case on behalf of the plaintiff. If you wish to learn more about mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Tampa, contact a qualified lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.

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