Tips for Driving Safely Through Fog in Tampa

Florida has many types of fog—sea fog, early morning fog, and smoke fog just to name a few. However, most drivers do not realize how much impact fog can have on accidents. In fact, the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration lists fog as the most dangerous weather condition to drive in. All drivers, therefore, should understand how to travel safely through it. Contact a skilled car accident attorney to learn helpful tips for driving safely through fog in Tampa.

The biggest issue with driving through fog is that it greatly reduces visibility. Because of that, it is all too easy for drivers to crash into another vehicle simply because they did not see it on the road. For this reason, the first thing drivers should do when they are in fog is to slow down. Drivers need to remember that speed limits are not a required speed, but the safest speed to travel under optimal conditions. In fog situations, speed needs to be greatly reduced.

How Important is Someone’s Speed When Driving in Fog?

Slowing down will help reduce the chance of crashing into another car, but there are other ways to lower that risk as well. One way is to give other drivers plenty of room when they are visible. Tailgating should never be done, but especially when fog is present. And other cars should not be passed. This likely means that the driver is going too fast, and they may not be able to see oncoming traffic or vehicles in front of the car they are passing.

Proper Use of Headlights

One of the most impactful tips for driving safely through fog in Tampa is the recommended use of headlights. Using headlights is also very important in fog, but high beams should never be used. Fog is made up of tiny droplets of water suspended above the ground and when these are hit with bright light, the water simply reflects the light. It is much safer to simply keep the low lights on. This not only gives the driver a better chance of seeing what is directly in front of him or her, it also allows oncoming vehicles to see the vehicle.

Taillights are just as important when driving through fog. Just like headlights allow oncoming traffic to see the vehicle, taillights allow following vehicles to see the car in front of them. Many drivers actually use the taillights of other vehicles as guiding lights in heavy fog.

Another way to help safely travel through fog is to use hazard lights. Turning the hazard lights on will turn the indicator lights on in the front and back of the car, which will allow all other cars to see the vehicle. Hazard lights will also let other drivers know that the car is traveling at a slower speed, which is safer than just suddenly slowing well below the speed limit.

Waiting For Fog to Clear

Of course, the best way to remain safe in the fog is to simply not travel through it. Fog, with the exception of smoke fog, generally clears up in the afternoon hours once the sun burns off the water droplets. When possible, it is best to wait until the fog clears before heading out.

Fog is a very common presence in Florida which only emphasizes the need for all drivers to become more aware of how to drive safely through it. Speak with an attorney about following tips for driving safely through fog in Tampa.

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