Tampa Accidents Involving Bad Weather

In terms of Tampa accidents involving bad weather, rain is possibly the biggest problem. From puddling on the interstate, the soft shoulders, to slick roads, rain causes many accidents each year. People have to be careful about staying in and maintaining their lane but they also have to be wary of puddling because of the severe thunderstorms.

When they hit a puddle, it can cause him or her to lose control, whether it is their vehicle or another vehicle that can hit them and cause an accident. Hydroplaning, skidding, slipping, sliding, and bad visibility can all cause someone to lose control of their vehicle or cause someone else to do so. Anyone in that scenario is likely traveling at a high speed and the impact can be severe. Speak with an experienced car accident attorney  at Slater | Grant about whether you have a strong likelihood of recovering damages for your collision.

Understanding Assignment of Fault in a Bad Weather Crashes

When determining fault for Tampa accidents involving bad weather, a lot depends on the person’s actions when driving. When it is raining outside and there are severe thunderstorms, the driver must take certain precautions and drive a safely. They need to have their lights on, drive at or below the speed limit, have their windshield wipers on, and look for puddles of water that would be an opportunity to hydroplane or slip or skid. He or she does not need to follow too close to vehicles. They need to keep their distance, put their flashes on if necessary, and turn the music off in their car. All of these things are common-sense things they should do, but they are all facts that will be looked at by the jury and by the insurance company in determining whether they can put some of the blame on the driver for causing the accident.

The insurance company’s job is to pay as little as possible and to put as much blame on the driver as possible. All those common-sense things will be looked at in analysis as to whether the driver and their actions contributed to the accident.

Investigation of One-Car Accidents

If there is not another vehicle in Tampa accidents involving bad weather, assigning damages really becomes an analysis of why the driver lost control of the vehicle. If it was user error and they lost control, there is really not much he or she can do, but if the reason they lost control was because of a design defect on the roadway causing water to puddle unnecessarily, then they may have a cause of action against the owner of the road.

They also have it over the company that designed the road or maintained the road. If it is because of a design in the roadway or some other reason that is not user error or caused by the driver, then those are the kinds of the things that attorneys can look at to help recover for the damages.

What Should Someone do Following a Collision?

Someone involved in an accident caused by bad weather should take photographs of the scene. They should take statements from witnesses that happened to see the accident. They should document where the vehicles are before they are moved. He or she should document whether there is any skid marks or anything visible on the roadway that was related to either causing the accident or evidence to show what happened during the accident.

Common Recoverable Compensation Sought

Some of the damages that are recoverable include medical expenses, lost wages, out of pocket expenses, and other physical therapy expenses.They may have other economic damages such as prescription medicine or surgery. Economic damages are considered medical expenses, lost wages, and things a person has to purchase to help them for their injuries.

Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish to the extent that the person had depression/anxiety. Attorneys have seen individuals recover or seek both economic and non-economic damages in Tampa accidents involving bad weather.

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