Pasco County Truck Accident Lawyers

Accidents involving trucks are often some of the most catastrophic. These accidents usually involve large trucks, heavy cargo, and high speeds, which mean big impact and damage. In addition to the catastrophic nature of Florida trucking accidents, the claim itself can be complicated because of the federal and state laws governing trucks and truck drivers.

If you or someone you love has suffered serious personal injuries in a Florida truck accident, a Pasco County truck accident lawyer can help you navigate through the claim and protect your rights, including being your advocate when negotiating with the insurance company. An established personal injury attorney can also litigate your truck accident case – or take it to trial – if the insurance company is not offering a favorable settlement.

Causes of Truck Accident Cases

Florida truck accident cases, generally speaking, are much more complicated than smaller-scale car accident cases. Some of the complexities associated with Florida truck accident cases include the involvement of more than one vehicle, trucks are often hauling loose or improperly secured cargo, and victims may be able to recover money from more than one entity or individual. A Pasco County truck accident lawyer can help those injured in a collision seek the cause of their injuries before pursuing damages.

Because of their large size, fast speed, and powerful momentum, large truck and tractor-trailer accidents can be much more complex than accidents involving smaller vehicles. When a truck driver causes an accident, multiple other vehicles are usually involved, and the initial impact usually results in a chain reaction of separate collisions. In those cases, each of the affected motor vehicle drivers and/or passengers may have separate claims against the same truck driver or trucking company.

Role of Improperly Secured Cargo

Tractor trailers routinely ship various types of cargo across the State of Florida on a daily basis. Cargo may include petroleum, logs, or vehicles. When cargo is improperly secured to a trailer and dislodges from the trailer onto the roadway, a serious, multi-vehicle accident can result – oftentimes with deadly consequences.

The trailer’s cargo may also contain hazardous or flammable materials which have the potential to make a bad trucking accident even worse. The Federal Motor Carrier Regulations establish rules and guidelines for properly transporting and securing cargo on tractor trailers that are driven on highways and roadways across America – as well as throughout the State of Florida.

Who Can Injured Parties Recover From?

When a truck driver drives in a negligent, careless, or reckless manner and causes a motor vehicle accident which results in injuries and damages, the injured victim(s) will have a legal claim against the truck driver for negligence.

In addition to the truck driver, however, the injured victim(s) may also have a claim against the trucking company, if the driver was on the job and acting within the scope of his employment – and was driving with the trucking company’s express or implied knowledge or consent. The trucking company could also be liable for negligent hiring, negligent retention, or negligent supervision of an employee truck driver who caused an accident.

Help From Slater | Grant’s Pasco County Truck Accident Attorneys

Personal injuries sustained because of a truck driver’s negligence can be severe and long-lasting. A Pasco County truck accident lawyer can evaluate your case and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, allowing you the time you need to treat and recover from your injuries. If the insurance company does not make a reasonable settlement offer, a Pasco County truck accident attorney can handle the litigation process for you, through trial.

Slater | Grant represents individuals and families in Pasco County and around the State of Florida who have suffered serious injuries, death, or financial loss as a result of another’s negligence or improper conduct, including truck accidents.

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